2020 Reservations for the bungalows from 12th November

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On Tuesday, the 12th November at 10:00 am, will beginn the reservations for the bungalows for the 2020. To be able to better manage all requests, every year reservations for bungalows and pitches start at different times, so for pitches you will have to wait some more weeks: from Tuesday the 3rd December from 10:00 a.m.
You can write us with email to info@campingcapoferrato.it or you can call us to the winter adress +39 070885653.

Attention: in these days the online booking system on the booking of our site will be temporarily suspended, because it is not possible to update in real time the large amount of requests that arrive at the some time.

If you have already written to us, consider that the requests received are not put on the waiting list, therefore, we ask you to write us again from the date and time planned

We are available for further information from Monday to Friday 10:00-12:30 / 17:00-19:00
Mario, Patrizia, Betti and Daniele ready to answer!