Let’s open our SARDINIAN WEEK Program with enthusiasm, preparing our campers at the Sagra with a BRIEFING the day before and organizing a FREE SHUTTLE BUS to go to Muravera without the worry of parking!

“Sagra degli Agrumi” is one of the most beautiful traditional festivals in Sardinia and we are ready to welcome our guests too!

The “Sagra degli Agrumi” (Citrus Festival) is a great spring festival where you can see Sardinian costumes, dances, Sardinian music and also the interesting “Traccas”. The “Traccas” are beautifully decorated ox-drawn carts, representing the traditional life on the Island. Even museums and ancient houses are open to visitors.

The ethnic masks tell the mysteries of Sardinia, the “Traccas” the moments of daily life and ancient crafts, the colors of the costumes the beautiful traditions … It is for this reason that the SAGRA DEGLI AGRUMI (FESTIVAL of the CITRUS) of Muravera this year is a candidate for “Premio Italive 2019”, a competition sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and by the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea.

Sunday the 7th April is the most important day, so we offer our guests a free bus to reach the village and watch the parade (in Muravera 25Km.). The day before, a briefing will be organized in Campsite to tell the Sagra and all the curiosities.
(also via email info@campingcapoferrato.it).
Live this beautiful experience, we will accompany you! But remember: the seats on the bus must be booked in advance , untill the 5th of April (info@campingcapoferrato.it)
At the reception you will receive all the necessary information.
Photso by Andrea Macis from Muravera

Location: muravera