Escape from the city or off to the wonderful festival of Saint Efisio with the shuttle: making everyone happy! April 29 the restaurant opens!

Some people on May 1, after having seen the wonderful festival so many times, decide to leave the city and take a break in nature and there are those, on the other hand, who using the campsite as their base want to see the procession and the beautiful Festival of Saint Efisio.  Well, we are there for both: on hand to welcome and indulge our guests on arrival, or to accompany them with the shuttle to see the exciting and beautiful day organised in honour of the patron saint of the city.

For those who are coming to the camping village, the restaurant, pizzeria and bar will also be open from April 29. The market is open already from April 14.

For those who want to visit the Festival, we are organising the traditional shuttle so you can attend without any worries. Just as for the Festival of the Citrus Fruits, seats in the shuttle are limited so you have to book in advance.

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