Summer entertainment

What entertainment do guests at the Camping Capo Ferrato Village prefer? The kind that ensures pleasant but non-intrusive entertainment full of new elements and fun imagination, causing children to laugh and making everyone want to go see “what’s on today.” Every day is different, we do not repeat programmes weekly, and nothing is left to chance.

The proposals are always crafted with the utmost professionalism, ensuring they are appropriate for all age groups. Guests of the Village Camping Capo Ferrato never experience their holiday tied to the rhythms of the entertainment, but rather are carried away by carefree happiness, each in their one way, whether by actively participating or just watching…

The entertainment activities take place during July and August. The service is free.

Events with external professionals

Our motto is “at Camping Capo Ferrato you can participate just by watching!” In fact, the entertainment programme is not only unique in terms of the congeniality and the variety of the daily activities proposed by our team of entertainers, but of the 65 evenings offered during July and August 18 are dedicated to special guests and events, with a frequency of about two per week!

These are shows with professionals from throughout Sardinia and Italy, coming from various disciplines and offering dance, theatre, musical events, magic and puppet shows, fashion shows and national selections for Miss and Mister contests, live links with the radio, workshop activities for children and grown-ups, and more.

In short, it is impossible to list them all, because more and new ones are proposed every year. If you look a look at the photos you will see that here at the Camping Capo Ferrato Village we offer every opportunity for fun! You can see the the constantly updated calendar on the events page on Facebook and other social media, so follow us and you will always be informed of everything that happens!

The events follow a fixed timetable which mainly takes place in the months of July and August. The evening events normally begin around 22:00

Entertainment team and activities

The team at the Camping Capo Ferrato Village consists of 4/5 professional entertainers, each with a specialty, always ready to express joy in perfect coordination with the group. The evening shows only round off the final part of the days, and baby dance, group dances, variety shows and games are just the ending to a rich, but never intrusive, daytime programme. From water aerobics to muscle toning gymnastics, sports tournaments and beach games, activities for children with a mini club and sport tournaments for children, your family holiday will be enjoyable and dynamic.