Beach with full services

Camping Capo Ferrato occupies a unique and privileged position, with its entire length extending along the beautiful beach of Costa Rei. Starting from the southernmost exit, two wooden walkways lead to our beach service.

Our serviced beach only occupies a small part of the long stretch of sand in front of the camp. We have created a deliberately discreet setting respecting the natural colours and the surrounding environment. In fact, the whole serviced area is made in wood, including the lifeguard tower. Our umbrellas are not fabric, but made of rush, and the loungers are in soft colours. The walkways are convenient for everyone, especially those with wheelchairs and people with walking difficulties. The service is complete with assistance and rescue, in full compliance with the regulations for the safety of swimmers. One of the walkways leads to the kiosk bar on the beach, the refreshment point offering drinks and snacks.

The beach is also accessible for day visitors, who can enjoy all the services of the campsite.

The beach service operates from mid-June until mid-September and is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.

The day at the beach: notes for day guests

Together with occasional day hospitality, you can combine the beach service with the rental of beach umbrellas and loungers, allowing you to enjoy all the services of the facility: toilets, showers, entertainment, children’s playground, restaurant, bar, etc. Depending on the availability at the campsite, you can also use the car park.

For details refer to the rates page.

For all other services and additional information, we are available at the Reception

Note: Guests planning to stay for the day are required to register at reception and to comply with all the applicable regulations in the campsite. It is possible to stay in the camp from 9:00 to 20:00