Along with having an opportunity to relax, eating well during the holidays is the best way to regain energy and enthusiasm so you can return to your professional life refreshed and happy, and we are very committed to this. In fact, with its warm, family atmosphere our Pizzeria Restaurant is one of the great strengths of the Camping Capo Ferrato Village.

Our Chef specialises in exalting the true, “home made” flavours that encapsulate all the taste of tradition, both in seafood and meat dishes. Our menu respects the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet, enriched by Km0 products from small local producers.

Periodically, and during the period of the “Sardinian Weeks” in particular, we offer special menus with dishes that are usually not found in classic menus but draw inspiration from lesser known Sardinian tradition. This type of dinners often follow a theme, either with seafood or meat dishes, which varies depending on the season or the chef’s imagination.

An extra note of quality is given by the presence of a Sommelier, who presents guests with a menu featuring a special selection of Sardinian wines, including some organic and biodynamic types, presenting them with passion and explaining their characteristics to guests, as well as trivia related to the area and the wineries.

Our Sommelier periodically presents dinners with a special menu in which wine plays a leading role. The Sommelier tells the story behind the dishes, explaining the simple rules for appreciating the pairing with the wines in the tasting. Who said that you can’t enjoy these privileges at a campsite? Here at the Camping Capo Ferrato Village you can… For our younger guests, we also have a dedicated Kids Menu, presented in a fun and original way to whet children’s appetites.

The pizza at the campsite is a veritable delicacy, and the secret lies in the rising of the dough, which takes at least 24 hours, and the cooking in a wood oven. In this way, the pizza becomes light, easily digestible and tasty. In our menu also includes sweet pizza, which becomes a delicious dessert when made with Nutella and other sumptuous toppings.

The restaurant, pizzeria and bar open from late April until the end of October, and the exact opening dates are determined each year. The pizzeria is only active in the evening.