standard-title Pitches for motorhomes, caravans and large tents

Pitches for motorhomes, caravans and large tents


The pitches for motorhomes, caravans and large tents are demarcated and located in the green part of the campsite, a few metres from the beach. They measure from 80 to 120 sqm and even have space for large motorhomes and caravans.
The whole camping village extends in parallel to the beach, so even these types of pitches are just a few metres from the sea exit and many enjoy panoramic views. The tall eucalyptus and mimosa trees create widespread shade.
All pitches are equipped with 6 Amp/220 volt current connection and IEC socket complying with European directives, and have a car parking within them or in the vicinity of the space.
Motorhomes and caravans equipped with satellite antennas may request places with the best reception.


Pitches: demarcated and numbered. Only a limited number of them can be booked.
Size: 80 sqm to 120 sqm.
Current connection: 6 Amp. /220 Volts  
Parking: within the pitch or in the vicinity
Shade: from shaded to partially shaded
Accommodation types: motorhomes and caravans up to 10m, minibuses, large tents

Most of the pitches can be booked and include the seafront, motorhome, trailer and large tent and 2/3 people pitch types. The pitches can be booked starting from November-December and the opening date is set on a year by year basis. We suggest you visit our website or facebook page for the exact dates, or subscribe to our newsletter so you receive the relevant information in time.
Bookings can be made via the form on our website, by email, with the online booking systemor simply by phone. Given the continuous and rapid changes in availability, during the initial booking period, bookings through our online booking systemmay be temporarily disabled.
Once the availability of a space has been checked and confirmed, campers must fill in a specific form with their personal information and reference details for the booking. It is necessary to formalise the booking by sending a deposit according to methods indicated in the booking form.
You will be required pay a € 12.00 booking fee, which will be included in the final bill. Before arriving at the campsite, a letter is always sent with a summary of the booking and the reference for the deposit.

You can read the booking regulations here.

Although all the pitches in the camp have the same general characteristics, they are divided into “bookable” and “non-bookable” pitches. Pitches “not bookable” (for spontaneous arrivals) are only a small part and include the seafront, camper, trailer and tent large is 2/3 people pitch types. They are available for all campers who prefer not to plan their holidays, or who like organise them at the last minute.
We manage these places day by day, on the basis of spontaneous departures. To facilitate your arrival in the camp, we suggest you contact us by phone (+39 070 991012) if it is the peak season or a busy period, as it is best to check on the availability of the pitches the day before.

Safety and personal hygiene are key requirements and top priorities for campers, so our staff take great care over them.

There are two toilet and shower blocks for our guests to use. They are both easy to reach from every part of the campsite and equipped with free hot showers, toilets with toilet paper, washbasins with soap dispensers, and washing facilities for dishes and clothes.

We have completely renovated the central toilet and shower block, which is the larger of the two. There’s hot water in all of the sinks (almost all of which comes from solar heating systems) and soap and hand dryers are provided. Some of the shower cubicles also have a washbasin so that guests can wash in private, and some of the toilets have a bidet or shower next to them.
In the main toilet and shower block, there is a bathroom for disabled people containing a toilet (complete with a bidet shower), a washbasin and a shower.

There’s a colourful bathroom especially for children, with two toilets and washbasins at appropriate heights. There is also a new baby room with a bathtub and a changing table.

Another significant new addition comes in the shape of two private bathrooms for exclusive use. Each one contains a toilet, a bidet, a washbasin and a shower. Toilet paper, soap for washing your hands, a hair dryer and a daily cleaning service are all included. Each private bathroom must be booked in conjunction with a pitch, for the entire stay. Campers who turn up without booking can ask if one is available when they check in.

New laundry facilities are available for our guests in the main toilet and shower block, where they will find two washing machines and a drier. The block also contains a disposal point for emptying cassettes from chemical toilets and a dump station for motorhomes.