Digital StillCameraTradition, culture and food initiatives become special events here with us during the “Sardinian Weeks”! Four times a year every year since 2001, during the months of May, June, September and October, we have organised an event with the title “Discovering… a bit of Sardinia” known as”The Sardinian Weeks”, which have come to characterise the Camping Capo Ferrato Village over time.

It consists of a programme of events lasting two or three weeks, featuring a different initiative every day, and perfectly integrated in a perspective of sustainable tourism. It was developed with the aim of satisfying curiosity related to Sardinia and lesser-known traditions, bringing tourists closer to the everyday aspects of small local companies, allowing them to discover hidden archaeological sites and specialities not found on restaurant menus.

This is not entertainment, but a real experience! The “Sardinian Weeks” are all bilingual, in Italian and in German or English. To tell the story of the “Sardinian Weeks” is to tell the story of the emotions that come from simple things, those that do not cause a stir but remain etched in our memories. Just think of the cooking classes with traditional recipes, the wine tasting tours or the art exhibition of musical instruments made from cane, the walks with botanist to learn about the plants on the beach, or the course to find out how to extract the colours from the plants of the Mediterranean to use as dye.

The initiatives organised every year are always so varied and so unique that we decided to let the “Sardinian Weeks” speak through the images taken by our guests, as an invitation to experience them in person here at the Camping Capo Ferrato Village.