standard-title Toilet and Shower Block plus Private Bathroom

Toilet and Shower Block plus Private Bathroom

Toilet and shower block!

We never stop trying to make the camping experience even more comfortable for our guests, so we’ve reorganized all of the spaces to make everything more practical and provide new services. In the new toilet and shower block, you’ll find a special area for children, a bathroom for disabled people, and two private bathrooms which each have their own toilet, washbasin, bidet and shower.

In addition, we’ve reorganized the laundry facilities and added a washing machine. There’s hot water in all of the sinks, some of the shower cubicles also have a washbasin so that guests can wash in private, and some of the toilets have a bidet or shower next to them. It goes without saying that toilet paper and soap are provided throughout the block. 

There are also a few nice surprises that we’ll tell you about at a later date.

Our bathrooms awarded by KOOBCAMP!

Private bathrooms for exclusive use!

As part of the renovation work in the main toilet and shower block, we’ve built two private bathrooms for exclusive use by guests camping on our pitches. Just imagine: a whole bathroom especially for you and your family.

What could be more convenient? You can even leave your things in there! Each bathroom contains a toilet, a bidet, a washbasin and a shower. Toilet paper, soap for washing your hands, a hair dryer and a daily cleaning service are all included.

Now you can enjoy a holiday on a campsite with all of the comforts of your bathroom at home!

Each private bathroom must be booked in conjunction with a pitch, for the duration of the stay.

Campers who turn up without booking can ask if one is available when they arrive.

See the Prices page for more details, or send an email to to ask for a quote.